Wave Equation Analysis

ISO 17025: 2005 NABL Accredited & ISO 9001: 2015 Regd.

Wave Equation Analysis (GRLWEAP)

Geo Dynamics has successfully demonstrated its capability by providing complete GRLWEAP analysis services for offshore piling projects at Madagascar, Dahej, Shell Project, Hazira, KAANB Project Saudi Arabia. Few important projects were also jointly done with GRL Engineers, Inc., to gain from their expertise as original developers of the technology.

The GRL Wave Equation Analysis Program (GRLWEAP) simulates pile driving using typical Wave Equation numerical analysis technique for driven piles. The analysis simulates what is happening in hammer, pile and soil during and immediately after the ram impact. It does this by replacing the system’s components with masses, springs and dashpots and calculating the displacements and velocities of the masses and the forces in the springs. It provides drivability, bearing graph and inspector chart as options and provides extremely useful information before starting driving at a project site.

The drivability analysis option is used to predict capacity and blow count as a function of depth based on the soil, friction and end bearing components and other parameters input into the software. The bearing graph analysis is useful to establish relation between blow count and capacity for a particular depth.

GRLWEAP has been widely used by the driven piling industry and is very useful to the contractor /designer to decide on the suitability of the driving system, pile. before starting the site operations.