Rebound Hammer Test

ISO 17025: 2005 NABL Accredited & ISO 9001: 2015 Regd.

Rebound Hammer Testing

This is one of the most simplest and primitive test to evaluate the strength of concrete. Although results using this test vary significantly based on surface hardness, carbonation and variety of other factors, it is still preferred primarily due to its speed and ease of use. Geo Dynamics is equipped with several PROCEQ manual and digital hammers for testing a variety of concrete structures.


The rebound hammer is simple and easy to use and there are several suppliers available in the market with no studies available to compare all the manufacturers and their results. The results should thus be carefully used and due importance be given to location of tests and the variation in results at the jobsite. The test should preferably be used in combination with other tests.

Code Compliance

Geo Dynamics conforms to BS:1881, ASTM: C805 and IS:13311 (Part:2)-1992