Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing

ISO 17025: 2005 NABL Accredited & ISO 9001: 2015 Regd.

Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing

We are considered an industry standard for Low Strain Integrity Testing due to our consistent results and performance. Geo Dynamics owns 23 sets of pile integrity testers available at various locations across the country. We are equipped with all the current models and our specific expertise includes testing large scale projects efficiently backed by good equipment / manpower ratio. 

Our database of testing more than 20,000 piles annually helps us evaluate critical information like necking, soil inclusion, cold joints, concrete quality in quick time. The testing conforms to ASTM D5882. With proper site arrangements, 30 to 50 piles can be tested per day. Testing is conducted through our offices or alongside major projects across the country. Often our team is fully equipped to provide site reports and analysis so as to avoid delays in construction activity. 

Geo Dynamics has the complete setup and expertise in use of Pulse Echo Method, Force-Velocity and Transient Dynamic Response Approach, although the Pulse Echo Method is most widely used and recommended. 


The method involves generation of a low stress wave with a help of a specialized hand held hammer. The waves are then collected in acceleration form by an accelerometer and integrated to velocity for further analysis. The accelerations generated by the impact are measured by the accelerometer attached on the pile top and are converted to velocity form for display onto the collector screen. Reflections from either pile toe/pile discontinuities, cross- sectional changes, soil resistance changes, the wave speed through the pile etc., are graphically displayed. Since the strains during the test are of extremely low magnitude, the method is known as Low Strain Test method. Generally, the Pulse Echo Method is used.

Geo Dynamics also has the capability to generate pile profile from the basic Pulse Echo Method whenever a response from the pile bottom is evident in the graphical output.


Geo Dynamics expertise of two decades helps identify defects for a variety of concrete bores piles quickly avoiding controversies and related costs.

In some cases for marine piles, we have also provided solutions and evaluated integrity for structures damaged due to cyclones, natural calamities etc.

Where no prior information is available, Geo Dynamics tries to ascertain pile lengths within an accuracy of + 5% -10%, if the problem is well-defined and reported to us in advance.

Code Compliance

Geo Dynamics conducts all testing as per ASTM D5882 and IS:14893. We are also on the sub-committee to form the guidelines for the revised BIS code.


Low Strain integrity testing is state of art and requires experience in data collection and analysis. The success of this test lies in data collection and interpretation which requires understanding of pile soil behaviour, pile installation practices and knowledge of wave theory which comes with several years of experience.

The practice of awarding the work at low costs to agencies without experience often leads to questionable data and practices. This eventually leads to more confusion and unintended losses. Hence evaluation of testing company is important in ensuring good quality foundation and avoiding losses at project site.

Testing of 100’s or more piles in one day is not physically possible most of the times and also leads to questionable practices.