Half Cell Potential & Carbonation Test

ISO 17025: 2005 NABL Accredited & ISO 9001: 2015 Regd.

Half Cell Potential & CarbonationTest

The test is used to estimate the probability of corrosion in steel reinforcement and is normally used in conjunction with other tests. The method eliminates the requirement of hacking concrete to physically view rebar condition. The readings are at times weather sensitive and require that concrete is moist before conducting the test.

The carbonation test assesses the extent of carbonation in concrete and possible risk of damage to concrete due to fire or due to carbonation reaction in case of old structures. The test is conducted by spraying phenolphthalein solution inside concrete or onto concrete cores.


The test is best conducted at the onset of corrosion and in combination with carbonation test.

Code Compliance

Geo Dynamics conforms to ASTM- C 876 and BS 1881 (Part 201): 1986.