Conventional Pile Load Tests

ISO 17025: 2005 NABL Accredited & ISO 9001: 2015 Regd.

Conventional Pile Load Tests

Vertical Static Load Tests

Since the launch of conventional load testing services in 2015, Geo Dynamics has quickly enhanced its capabilities to provide static load testing services in a very professional and organized manner all over the country. We have multiple sets of girders capable of load testing from 100 tons to 2500 tons with either rock anchors or reaction piles. Our branded jacks, power packs and spares assembly ensure minimal downtime. With a trained team of engineers and technicians monitoring each load test round the clock, our delivery, analysis and report submission is the best in the industry. We have completed more than 100 load tests in a year making us a leader in this category. We have successfully executed projects for metro rails, highways, power projects as well as the prestigious Sardar Patel Statue of Unity Project at Gujarat.

Lateral and Pullout Load Tests

Geo Dynamics executes lateral load tests both for marine and land piles and has executed tests for capacity upto 200 tons of lateral load. Our innovative approach has ensured that several times we have avoided reaction piles for lateral load tests saving huge cost and time to the owner and the contractor.

We also offer monitoring of lateral load tests with inclinometer measurements to determine point of fixity. This helps designer optimize design, plot p-y curves and validate pile soil behaviour resulting in optimization.

Pullout testing conducted by us is an extension of the vertical load tests and our capabilities for load testing are similar to vertical static load tests. In several cases, we also derive the pullout load from high strain dynamic load tests on piles thus saving valuable time and costs. Correlation with design calculations has often confirmed the pullout load obtained from HSDPT.

Code Compliance

All load tests conform to IS:2911 Part-4