Conventional Load Tests

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July 26, 2018
Instrumented Load Tests
July 27, 2018

Conventional Load Tests

Geo Dynamics currently has capability to test piles upto 2500-3000T for reaction piles/rock anchors and has executed several such tests. We now also offer bi-directional load tests for loads ranging from 500T to 10,000T or even more.

Ahmedabad Metro (MEGA) Project – Vertical Load Test – Reaction Piles

Geo Dynamics was engaged at Ahmedabad Metro site to perform vertical and lateral load tests on initial routine piles of 1200mm diameter. We have conducted more than 30 such tests till date upto a test load of 1700T. Geo Dynamics also perfomed 1 vertical load test on 1500mm diameter pile with the help of 4 reaction piles, one main girder and 2 secondary girders. The pile was tested up to load of 2372tons and settlement at maximum applied load was observed to be around 11mm.

Mumbai Metro (MMRDA) Project – Pull-out load Tests

Geo Dynamics was again at forefront where expertise related to pile testing was required and test loads were huge. Geo Dynamics performed 3 pullout load tests on rock socketed micro-piles having diameter of 250mm and depth of around 5m. Test load was more than 400tons which is quite unique for such small piles. The, piles successfully passed the required load test.

Mumbai Metro Project – Vertical Load Test – Rock Anchors

Geo Dynamics has routinely performed initial pile load tests by installation of rock anchors. Geo Dynamics performed around 10 such tests for Mumbai Metro project. Geo Dynamics designed the rock anchors and installed them after getting approval from client. Test loads were as high as 1875 tons.

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