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grl  pileGRL Engineers and Pile Dynamics, Inc., USA are the original developer of various technologies for deep foundation testing. The Pile Driving Analyzer and variety of their products are an industry standard for testing worldwide. Pile provides complete information on deep foundation testing and equipment. Geo Dynamics is technical representative of Pile Dynamics, Inc. and is an authorized training provider for most of their products.  
proceq  Proceq SA is a world leader in Non Destructive Testing for Concrete / Metal / Paper / Film Products. Proceq provides complete information including downloads of brochures, current equipments and list of sales agents. Geo Dynamics is an authorized sales provider for operations from Northern India for concrete testing products of Proceq.  
atsm Most testing that we conduct conforms to international ASTM standards.ASTM provides all the standards includes D4945, D5882, D6760 that can downloaded by paying regular charges  
bis BIS Low Strain Integrity Testing is also a part of the basic code of BIS. This and various other codes like BIS:456, BIS:13311 are used for concrete testing. The information and procedures to purchase can be obtained from BIS website.  
igs Indian Geotechnical Society is the torch bearer for conducting seminars, disseminating information about geotechnical activities across the country. IGS provides complete information about local and international activities, seminars, workshops etc. to be held during the year. Mr. Ravikiran Vaidya is a LIFE MEMBER of Indian Geotechnical Society.  
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