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GEO DYNAMICS started in Baroda in 1998 with a commitment to introduce innovative and effective technologies to the deep foundations industry based on our past work experience in Singapore and South East Asia. Today, Geo Dynamics is India’s leading firm in Non Destructive Testing of Pile Foundations using the world’s latest state of art techniques and equipments. The company is technical partners of Pile Dynamics, Inc., pioneers in this form of testing worldwide. Recently, the company has also been appointed as a “Preferred Partner” for sales from North India for concrete testing products of PROCEQ SA, Switzerland another leader in Non Destructive Testing. 

Geo Dynamics has recently acquired a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system and now offers a wide range of applications for various industries such as bridge assessment, utility locating, etc.

We take credit for introducing concepts like Cross Hole Sonic Logging, CAPWAP analysis and for popularizing high strain dynamic pile testing (HSDPT), low strain integrity testing (also called LSIT, PIT, PET) in the country. Today this technology has been used by us on a variety of projects of NTPC, Metro Rails, Port Trusts, Highway projects and real estate sector. 

Geo Dynamics now also provides services for testing of super structures and has already executed various projects for testing of bridges, silos, chimneys, concrete decks for power plants etc.  

The company has recently also started offering soil investigation services and looks forward to provide the same quality that has made us leaders in the pile foundation testing industry. 

The firm is led by Mr. Ravikiran Vaidya who has significant international experience in “Non Destructive Testing of Pile Foundations & Super Structures” and has executed major jobs in India, Singapore, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Madagascar. He is also on the sub-committee for drafting the revised guidelines for High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing and Low Strain Integrity Testing.

He is an authorized trainer for equipments sold by Pile Dynamics, Inc. worldwide. 

The team consists of more than 50 trained engineers and technicians capable of executing challenging jobs throughout the country.

Ravi Kiran CV 

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